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Freckled Skin Education

Learn the ins & outs of Haley's approach to running a consistently successful corrective skincare business.

In My Educational Era

I have been putting off providing education to my fellow esties for many reasons, but the strongest being that I didn't have the time...or so I thought.

If you're like me and feel overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list as a business owner, I am here as proof to show you that with intentional processes implemented in your business, you'll be able to move the needle in your business without sacrificing your mental health and time with loved ones. Let's do this!

Consultation Confidence

Turn all of your prospective clients into ideal, long-term clients who never second-guess your expertise.


Dive into the Freckled Skin approach on mastering client connection. The Consultation Confidence Course is designed to overcome consultation anxiety by helping you transform your new client journey into an efficient and empowering experience for both you and the client.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand your client's needs on a deeper, more personal level. You’ll also discover that by elevating your new client experience, you'll have solidified an established rapport and trust with clients, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Life After Consultation Confidence...

  • You're adept at performing comprehensive client consultations, skillfully assessing skin types, concerns, and individual client needs.
  • Your enhanced communication skills enables you to clearly and confidently convey treatment options, benefits, and expectations.
  • You have gained insight on identifying your ideal client to ensure a clientele that aligns with your expertise and business goals.
  • Now armed with strategic consultation skills, you are more effective in recommending products and services, thereby increasing revenue opportunities.
  • You have gained proficiency in addressing and overcoming common client objections, ensuring a smoother consultation process.
  • You have learned strategies for client follow-up and engagement.
  • You are now prepared to continuously adapt your consultation approach to evolving trends and client feedback, ensuring ongoing professional growth.

Consultation Confidence FAQs