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Freckled Skin Studio is here for you in-person and virtually.

The Freckled Skin Studio is a is private skincare oasis located in Rockwall, Tx. Owned and operated by Haley Smith-Torres, better known as The Freckled Aesthetician on social media. Haley’s back ground allows her to specialize in advanced skincare treatments.

At The Freckled Skin Studio, the focus is on giving each client a customized, corrective, healing and results driven experience. The Freckled Skin Studio offers a wide range of in-clinic and virtual services. The focus here is always on providing a customized corrective approach and relaxing experience for all clients.

  • Corrective, results-driven skincare that is backed by science and years of professional experience
  • In-depth consultation process and skin analysis  to ensure you receive the best treatments
  • Professional skin care available to ensure you have the tools to obtain optimal results

First Time Clients

Mandatory for New Clients

Virtual Services

Hydrafacial MD

Chemical Peels

Add-on Services


Minimally invasive exfoliation procedure to reveal a renewed skin tone and texture. Target hyperpigmentation, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Must be booked with a facial treatment. Microdermabrasion is not available by itself.

Hydro-Jelly Mask

Customized jellymask designed to effectively lock moisture and vital nutrients into the skin. Must be booked with a facial treatment. Hydrojelly masks are not available by themselves.


Advanced form of exfoliation that removes hair and lightly exfoliates to leave the skin smooth and glowing. Must be booked with a facial treatment. Dermaplaining is not available by itself.